Author: Kitty Kelly Epstein

Kitty Kelly Epstein, PhD is a scholar, a teacher, an activist and the host of a radio show on KPFA 94.1 FM. Her book A Different View of Urban Schools: Civil Rights, Critical Race Theory, and Unexplored Realities elaborates on multiple issues including school district take-overs, diversifying the teaching force, and the Eugenics history of standardized testing.

American Progressives and France’s Surge to the Right

Macron’s newest orders banning demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine reveal even more clearly the real nature of France’s anti-Muslim campaign, one that the U.S. and French Left have with few exceptions mostly ignored.

More on the Oakland Teachers’ Strike

Editor’s note: This article responds to analysis New Politics has already published on the Oakland teachers’ strike. In hosting different viewpoints on the strike, New Politics continues its tradition of opening its pages (and now its website) to debates about . . .

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