Author: Brad Hornick

Brad Hornick is active with the System Change Not Climate Change ecosocialist network. He is a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, where he is finishing his dissertation entitled “Climate, Capitalism, and Existentialism: Studying the Movement” and for which he is seeking a publisher. @bradhornick


Harvey, Klein, Smith, Foster: Militant Particularism and Ecosocialism


In “Militant Particularism and Global Ambition: The Conceptual Politics of Place, Space, and Environment in the Work of Raymond Williams” (1995), David Harvey discusses the challenges presented by moving from place out across time. In the midst of his involvement in a participatory research project within a high-stakes local struggle against the closure of an automotive plant, he was accused of being a “free-floating Marxist intellectual,” an outsider, and he was given the “evil eye” and asked to explain “where his loyalties lay.” (71) This is in an environment where people were losing jobs, and families and communities were being destroyed.