Author: Bret Gustafson

Nicole Fabricant teaches anthropology at Towson University and is the author of Mobilizing Bolivia’s Displaced: Indigenous Politics and the Struggle over Land (UNC Press).

Bret Gustafson teaches anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis and is the author of New Languages of the State: Indigenous Resurgence and the Politics of Knowledge in Bolivia (Duke University Press). He is currently working on a new book entitled Energy and Empire: Bolivia in the Age of Gas.

Nicole Fabricant and Bret Gustafson are on the editorial board of NACLA Report on the Americas. They co-edit NACLA’s environmental blog called Contested Natures. They edited a volume called Remapping Bolivia: Resources, Indigeneity and Territory in a Plurinational State (SAR Press, 2011).

Socialism from Below? Bolivia in an Age of Extractivism


Bolivia received global attention for its anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist social movements in the twenty-first century. Best known perhaps were the Water Wars, against water privatization, in 2000 and the Gas Wars, demanding nationalization of the gas industry, in 2003. These rebellions entailed a radical rethinking of natural resource use and distribution.