Author: Kevin Funk

STEVEN FAKE is coauthor with Kevin Funk of The Scramble for Africa: Darfur — Intervention and the USA, Black Rose Books (2009) A socialist of anarchist inclinations, he first became engaged in political work while a student in Pittsburgh. He is a member of AFSCME Local 3650, the National Writers Union, and Workers Solidarity Alliance.
KEVIN FUNK writes frequently on U.S.-Sudan relations and other foreign policy issues. He is currently based in Chile.

Darfur: The World's Most Famous Humanitarian Disaster

The emergence of Darfur as a cause célèbre in the West has been one of the more notable propaganda achievements in recent memory. Though the Darfur region of Sudan has been the scene of great human suffering, a death toll of perhaps 300,000 and a population of displaced persons numbering well over 2 million qualifies Darfur as serious but — regrettably — hardly unique for the scale of its violence in the first decade of the 21st century.