Author: Armando Chaguaceda

Armando Chaguaceda was born in Havana and is a political scientist and historian at Guanajuato University in Mexico. 

Lennier López, born in Villa Clara, Cuba, is a sociologist at Florida International University, Miami.

Cuban Civil Society

Its Present Panorama


A civil society emerges, mainly, due to citizens’ need to actively involve themselves in the public sphere in order to address processes that impact their daily lives and affect their interests. At the heart of civil society, various social actors, with sometimes remarkable differences, group themselves around common issues that affect or interest all of them. Therefore, civil society is plural, characterized by the spontaneous organization of citizens and based on logics of autonomy, solidarity, and representation of specific identities; it is aimed at addressing collective demands, exploring solutions to issues that affect a given community, and having an impact in the public sphere.