Author: Vasja Badalič

Vasja Badalič is a researcher at the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law, Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is the author of two books, For 100 Euros a Month: The Production System of Global Capitalism (in Slovenian only), and The Red Machinery: The Beat of Chávez’s Revolution (in Slovenian only). He has reported for all major Slovenian newspapers and magazines such as Delo, Dnevnik, and Mladina.


Our Workers in Bangladesh

Toiling for $50 Per Month

In Bangladesh, the transnational corporations’ production system regressed into one of its most brutal manifestations. Most safeguards that could prevent or at least mitigate the exploitation of workers have been eliminated. While capital enjoys complete freedom, the working class, shackled by oppressive labor laws and a ruthless repressive apparatus, is struggling for bare survival.