Author: Emad El-Din Aysha

EMAD EL-DIN AYSHA, a British citizen, teaches at the American University in Cairo and is a film reviewer and political columnist for the Egyptian Gazette and Egyptian Mail.

The Hamas Victory and the New Politics that May Come

The title to this article may sound terribly pretentious since, for all we know, in the coming months the Hamas government may very well end up under siege like Arafat and his entourage.

America's soft power dysfunctions: When Arab problems are allowed to wash up on American shores

Our political organization is thoroughly rotten, almost non-existent. It is Carthagian… Never was there such an absurd waste of power, such ridiculous inconsequence of policy—not for want of men but for want of any effective central authority or dominant idea to make them work together.

André Siegfried, England's Crisis, 1931