Author: Ronald Aronson

RONALD ARONSON is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the History of Ideas at Wayne State University in Detroit and is author of After MarxismCamus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It, and, most recently, We: Reviving Social Hope. He is co-producer of two documentary films, Professional Revolutionary: The Life of Saul Wellman and The Detroit Smith Act Trial.

Is America in the Grip of Social Madness?

How can we understand the Trump voter?

The Soul of Socialism

If one of the great socialist leaders of a century ago could see us now — Debs, say, or Luxemburg — he or she would certainly be puzzled by the state of the world. In every direction they would be able to see struggles for liberation or the fruits of such struggles: of those with whom they would immediately be in solidarity, such as women, former slaves, indigenous people, former colonial people, and racial, religious, and ethnic minorities.