Author: Randy Albelda

Betty Reid Mandell is co-editor of New Politics, and co-author of Introduction to Human Services: Policy and Practice, 7th ed.

Randy Albelda is a professor of economics and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Social Policy at University of Massachusetts Boston. Her research and teaching covers a broad range of economic policies affecting low-income women and families, and includes the recent report Bridging the Gaps: A Picture of How Work Supports Work in Ten States.

Paid Family and Medical Leave

How many people can afford to take time off from work without being paid? Not many. When a worker gets sick or a child or parent gets sick; when a woman is giving birth or when a parent needs to go to a conference with a teacher, leaving work can not only cost a day's pay, but it can cost advancement in a career. Women, who do most of caregiving, are particularly disadvantaged.