Author: Jihan Abbas

Jihan Abbas is a Vanier Canada Graduate scholar and PhD candidate at Carleton University in Ottawa. Her research interests include disability and the labor market, social policy, and inclusion. Jihan has been involved in the disability movement for several years and has extensive professional and advocacy experience related to access and inclusion.

The Unpaid Labor of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Institutional and Community-based Disability Services

     Drawing on the work of scholars, advocates, and historians, I wrote this article (based on my October 4 talk at the disability rights forum) to examine the unpaid labor of persons with intellectual disabilities in institutional and community settings. In general, my PhD research, and this piece, are aimed at contributing to the literature that examine intellectual disability and work.

A Legacy of Exploitation: Intellectual disability, unpaid labor, & disability services

     While employment issues have always been an important aspect of disability policy, a focus on paid and formal employment has meant that the experience of many working-age adults with intellectual disabilities has been overlooked. Many erroneously believe the historic absence of persons with intellectual disabilities in the workplace is evidence that persons with intellectual disabilities cannot or do not work.