Organizing After Bernie — Activists Respond

THE HISTORIC SANDERS CAMPAIGN has come to a close, and the strength of social movements will be critical after November, whether to build the left in the face of a Democratic president carrying out the party’s neoliberal policies or to prevent a reelected Trump from further institutionalizing his and the GOP’s far-right agenda. So we asked the contributors to this symposium: What organizing projects do you see as essential following the election? Should we continue Sanders’ project of working inside the Democratic Party? Should we build independent social movements, a new political party, networks of self-managed cooperatives? How do we mobilize the broad, diverse, and cross-generational excitement around Sanders’ candidacy into concrete victories after November?

In this symposium:

Moving on from Bernie


The effort of the media, the DNC, and the Dem establishment to bring Bernie’s campaign to a grinding halt highlights the limits of electoral politics.

The Struggle for Power Continues


Takeaways from the Sanders campaign and recommendations on a possible road forward.

After Bernie, DSA Will Be Essential


Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president has changed politics as we know it.

We’re Not Just Along for the Ride


How socialists in organizations outside of the Sanders campaign operate and what this situation demands of us.

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