New Politics, Vol. IX, No. 1, Whole Number 33

Liberals, the Left & the U.S. War on Democracy, Julius Jacobson

The Wounded Lion: Anatomy of The Israeli Assault, Adam Keller

Palestinian Elections Now, Edward W. Said

No Symmetry: Notes From Israel & “Palestine,” Mark Dow

The Privatization of Everything, Betty R. Mandell (with footnotes)

The Distribution of Wealth And Marxist Humanism, Marvin Mandell

Two Cheers For Glenn Loury — or Maybe Just One, Stephen Steinberg

Democratic Worker Cooperatives, John W. Lawrence

A Critique of The U.S. Greens, Howard Ryan

On Labor’s Political Strategy, Dorothee Benz

The French Elections

  • France at the Crossroads, Vincent Présumey
  • 194,558 Votes, Gérard Filoche

Hatred vs. Humanity in Gujarat, Justin Podur

Argentina: From Crisis to Collapse, Pablo A. Pozzi

The Whitewash of Serb Atrocities, David Walls

Angola & Venezuela And The AFL-CIO, Paul Buhle

“Change The World Without Taking Power,” John Holloway

Syracuse University: Academic Restructuring, Ali Shehzad Zaidi

The Yeshiva Case And Faculty Unionism, Daniel Rosenberg

Debate on The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg II

  • Why Should We Care What Rosa Luxemburg Thought? Paul Le Blanc
  • Socialist Metaphysics and Luxemburg’s Legacy, Michael J. Thompson
  • Rosa Redux Ad Absurdum, Barry Finger
  • Moving On: New Replies to New Critics, Stephen E. Bronner

Book Review

  • Whither a New Internationalism?, Mark Engler


  • Exchange on the Afghan War, Bennett Muraskin, Thomas Harrison, and Stephen R. Shalom

In this issue:

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