Stop Russian aggression in Ukraine !

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Stop Russian aggression in Ukraine !

For a free and sovereign Ukraine for working men and women!

On Thursday 24 February, Russia began its military operation in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin    recognised the independence of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Russian troops have invaded the territory of Donbass, attacking suspected military installations. There are reports and records of shelling and ground attacks across Ukraine, including in the capital Kiev.

The Putin government’s offensives are aimed at weakening the military resistance in order to  overthrow the Zelensky government, which is subordinate to the imperialist interests of the US, NATO and the EU.

We cannot accept the military repression and intervention against the people that is being carried out by Russia; it is equally unacceptable to open any space for the representatives of imperialism who seek to extend their domination with wars that guarantee profit and more power for the capitalists.

The Russian military invasion has dramatic consequences in terms of displacement of populations, regression of workers’ living conditions, regression of trade union and other democratic freedoms.

War only benefits the powerful, the arms dealers and the capitalists. The workers, the people will suffer death, deprivation of freedom, rape and pillage, destruction. The military and economic consequences go beyond the territory of Ukraine.

But contrary to what the European governments, bosses and bourgeoisie would have us believe, there are already many other wars in the world! They are fueled by the arms sales of those who pretend to regret this war in Ukraine. To be against war is to reject militarism, the arms race, arms sales…..

We condemn and denounce Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and express our full solidarity with the attacked people. For the self-determination of the peoples of Ukraine and for a Ukraine free from the clutches of Russia, NATO and the US and European imperialists!

Russian troops out of action Ukraine!

Disband NATO. Let’s get rid of US troops and bases in Western and Eastern European countries!

We call on the organizations of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles to join the anti-war mobilizations in the coming days.

Support for those in Russia who reject Putin’s policies because they are fighting for peace, solidarity between peoples, against nationalism and the extreme right. Support for those in Ukraine who reject xenophobic, exclusionary and fascist policies.

Solidarity with the independent trade unionists of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, …

whose demands and expressions we rela\y on the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles’s website.

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