The Right's Conspiracy Theory Attack on Frances Fox Piven

 If you believe Glenn Beck, the Tea Party lunatics, Rush Limbaugh, and their ilk, Frances Fox Piven is the Marxist Machiavelli whose 1966 article in The Nation (written with Richard Cloward) still serves as the blueprint for a radical takeover of American society, including Barack Obama's "socialist" administration.

This growing attack on Piven, an eminent and prolific scholar (political scientists and sociologist) and a political activist, was a centerpiece of Joseph Farah's keynote speech at the recent Tea Party convention in Nashville. And it has been escalated by yet another right-wing "gotcha" journalist, Kyle Olson, who interviewed Piven in February under false pretenses (he claimed he was a college student) and posted bits of that interview on the right-wing BigGovernment website.

My expose' of Olson's "gotcha" interview with Piven, and my analysis of the Right's paranoid conspiracy theory about the "Cloward-Piven strategy, " can be found in an article posted Tuesday on the Huffington Post.