Rasmea Odeh Action Alert

Image[Ed. note: Readers of David Finkel's November article on "The Trials of Rasmea Odeh" will be interested in this alert from the Rasmea Defense Committee.]

The Rasmea Defense Committee is calling for people across the country to plan educational events, protests, and fundraisers next week to support efforts to defend Palestinian-American community leader Rasmea Odeh ahead of her March 12 sentencing. 

Rasmea, 67, was tortured by the Israeli government in 1969. On November 10, 2014 in front of supporters in the courtroom, she was found guilty of one count of Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization. She is facing deportation and up to ten years in jail on these trumped up immigration charges. Rasmea's case is part of a larger campaign against Palestinian leaders, institutions, and community members, as well as an example of government repression waged against social justice activists. 

Though Rasmea has been unjustly convicted, her struggle is far from over as an appeals process will begin after sentencing. Rasmea has made so many contributions to the cause of freedom and now needs your support to help her get justice.

Plan an event February 9 – February 15 to educate your community or campus about Rasmea's case and raise money for her defense. There are already events happening in Chicago, NYC, and Minneapolis.

You can find information to help you plan at justice4rasmea.org

Please share your actions by emailing info@stopfbi.net.

Join a live stream presentation with Rasmea on Friday, February 13 at 7:30pm EST. Details here.

Follow defense efforts on Facebook and Twitter to get updates as they become available. Tweet your support for Rasmea using #Justice4Rasmea. 

Come to Detroit March 12 for the sentencing hearing.

Email info@stopfbi.net for more information. 

Thank you for taking action.