New Politics Vol. XVIII No. 2, Whole Number 70

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  • From The Editors
  • The U.S. Elections and Beyond
    • Biden Replaces Trump: A Malignant “Normalcy” Is Restored, Thomas Harrison
    • The 2020 Elections in The United States: A Socialist View from Afar, Rohini Hensman
    • Auditing U.S. Democracy: Classical Liberalism, Contemporary
      America, The Trump Years, and Beyond, Michael P. Mccabe and Riad Azar
  • Articles
    • Race, Crisis, and Resistance, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
  • Changes in Global Capitalism
    • Workers of the World: Growth, Change, and Rebellion, Kim Moody
    • Western Imperialism and The Role of Sub-Imperialism In The Global South, Ana Garcia, Miguel Borba, and Patrick Bond
  • The Latin American Left
    • Latin America in the Time of Covid, Mike Gonzalez
    • Bolivia’s Elections: The Return of Democracy and An Uncertain Future, Bret Gustafson
    • In Puerto Rico, the 2019 Uprising Produces an Electoral Opening Toward the Left, José A. Laguarta Ramírez
  • Articles
    • Belarus: The People’s Fight Continues, Hanna Perekhoda
    • Unions, Democracy, and the Third Camp: Comparing Lessons from New Politics and Herman Benson, Lois Weiner
    • The Techniques of Justice: Orwell and Camus
      On A Hanging and The Guillotine, Kristian Williams
  • Community Schools: Progressive Reform or Privatization Trojan Horse?
    • Community Schools Will Help Unions and Education, Dylan Craig
    • Community Schools and The Dangers of Ed Tech Privatization, Jake Klyczek
    • Reply, Dylan Craig
  • Review Essay
    • A Leftist Perspective on China’s Environmental Destruction, Au Loong Yu, Review of Smith, China’s Engine Of Ecological Collapse
  • Film Review
    • The Politics of Helen Keller, Keith Rosenthal, Review of Gianvito, Her Socialist Smile
  • Book Reviews
    • Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Occlusion of Political Economy, Stephen Steinberg, Review of Wilkerson, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents
    • Looking Back at Maoism and The Global Left, Kevin B. Anderson, Review of Lovell, Maoism: A Global History
    • China’s Workers Battle Apple and Foxconn, Nicki Lisa Cole, Review of Chan and Selden, Dying for an Iphone
    • Capitalism, Romanticism, and Nature, John Molyneux, Review of Robert Sayre & Michael Lowy, Romantic Anti-Capitalism and Nature
    • A Story from A Defeated Struggle, Alex de Jong, Review of Hillier, Losing Santhia. Life and Loss in the Struggle for Tamil Eelam