New Politics Vol. XIV No. 1, Whole Number 53

From The Editors


Symposium: Disability Rights

  • Overview, Ravi Malhotra
  • Disability Policy in New Zealand, Chris J. Ford
  • What Was the Question? Race and Disability in Gramsci’s “The Southern Question,” Anne Finger
  • Legacy of Exploitation, Jihan Abbas
  • Expendable Necessities? Cuts to Personal Assistance, Rachel Garaghty

Special Section: Occupy and Labor

  • Introduction, Dan La Botz
  • Occupy Oakland and the Labor Movement, Bill Balderston
  • Occupy-Labor Partnership in Chicago, Susan Dirr
  • Zuccotti at Work, Amy Muldoon

Learning From David Montgomery, Peter Rachleff

Some Lessons of 1989’s East European Revolutions, Joanne Landy

Getting Serious About Class Dynamics, William Tabb

Mobs, Vigilantes, Cops, & Feds: The Repression of SNCC, 1960-1973, Martin Oppenheimer

Why the Tea Party?, Charles Post

Joe Hill Revisited, Jose Colina

Occupy Wall Street: Composers and the Plutocracy, John Halle

Interview with Jefferson Cowie, Craig Hughes and Ben Holtzman

Means-Testing: Shredding the Safety Net, Betty Reid Mandell

The Return of the Russian Revolution, Alexei Gusev

U.S. Economic Imperialism & Resistance From the Global South, Francis Shor

Ireland: Still Up Recession Creek Without a Paddle, Lily Murphy

Infectious Disease, Robert Joe Stout

Book Reviews

  • Charles Post, Rev. of Samuel Farber, Cuba Since the Revolution of 1959
  • Peter Drucker, Rev. of In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Writings of Paul Levi
  • Stephen R. Shalom, Rev. of Lawrence Wittner, Working for Peace and Justice
  • Michael Hirsch, Rev. of Jane Latour, Sisters in the Brotherhood
  • Michael Wreszin, Rev. of Gregory Summers, Unstuck In Time and of Charles Shields, And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut, A Life
  • Dan La Botz, Rev. of José CaRlos Mariátegui: An Anthology, Ed. and Trans. by Harry E. Vanden and Marc Becker
  • Michael Löaut;wy, Rev. of S. Sandor John, Bolivia’s Radical Tradition

Words and Pictures

Paul Buhle, Robin Hood, with Illustrations by Chris Hutchinson, Garry Dunn, and Sharon Rudahl