New Politics Vol. XIII No. 4, Whole Number 52

Campaign for Peace and Democracy Update on Bahrain

Derrick Bell: Fighting Losing Battles, Stephen Steinberg


Occupy Wall Street Declaration

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the World, Daniel La Botz

On War Tax Resistance, Lawrence Rosenwald

Obama and Debt Ceiling Crisis, Jack Gerson

Music of Change: Politics and Meaning in the Age of Obama, John Halle

Wrestling on Shaky Ground: Israel, Palestine and the Decline of a Superpower, Adam Keller

The Greek and the European Crisis in Context, C. J. Polychroniou

The District of Columbia: From the Oldest Colony to the 51st State?, Bill Mosley

Letter from Ireland: Queen Lizzy’s Tour of Shame, Lily Murphy

Why the Korean School System Is Not Superior, Se Hoon Park

Reading the Bible for the Wrong Reasons, Russell Pregeant

In Sweden, When the Voters Turn Right, the Right Turns Left, Steven Saxonberg

Teacher Unionism Reborn, Lois Weiner


  • Betty Reid Mandell rev. of John Atlas, Seeds of Change: the Story of Acorn
  • Michael Wreszin rev. of Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow
  • Kent Worcester rev. of Ian Birchall’s Tony Cliff: A Marxist for His Time
  • Horst Brand rev. of Anne Nelson, Red Orchestra
  • Lynn Chancer rev. of Carol Giardina, Freedom for Women: Forging the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1953-1970
  • Phil Gasper rev. of R. York and B. Clark, Science and Humanism of Stephen Jay Gould
  • Daniel La Botz rev. of McKenzie Wark, The Beach Beneath the Street
  • Amy Littlefield rev. of The Revolution Starts At Home, eds., Ching-In Chen, Jai Dulani, and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
  • Betty Reid Mandell rev. of Vincent Dubois, The Bureaucrat and the Poor
  • Greg Smithsimon rev. of Joe Flood, The Fires: How a Computer Formula, Big Ideas, and the Best of Intentions Burned Down New York City and Determined the Future of Cities
  • Dan Steinberg rev. of Julian Brash on Bloomberg Administration
  • Michael Wreszin rev. of Thomas L. Jeffers, Norman Podhoretz, a Biography


Mark P. Worrell, The Inner Logic of Avatar


Kent Worcester presents Tim Sanders