New Politics Vol. XII No. 1, Whole Number 45

From a Co-Editor, Marvin Mandell


* Horseracing, Desnee Flakes
* Reply to Flakes, Martin Oppenheimer
* Reply to Oppenheimer, Desnee Flakes (web only)
* Alternatives for U.S. Unions, Kim Moody
* A Reply to Kim Moody, Manfred McDowell
* Social Networks, Struggle, and How People Make History: But Not “Social Capital”, Samuel R. Friedman

Special Section: The Gay Movement and the Left

o Symposium on Gays and the Left (Part I), Thomas Harrison and Joanne Landy

o On Socialism and Sex: An Introduction, Christopher Phelps

o Keeping the Communist Party Straight, 1940s–1980s, Bettina Aptheker

o Can the Left Ignore Gay Liberation?, John D’Emilio

o Gay Leftie Seeks Straight Friends, Martin Duberman

o Left-wing Homosexuality: Emancipation, Sexual Liberation, and Identity Politics, Jeffrey Escoffier

o Queer Reflections, David McReynolds

* Victory (poem), Pier Paolo Pasolini

* About Pasolini’s “Victory”: The Gun in the Poem, Norman MacAfee

* Last Exit to Utopia: Pasolini’s Cinema, Kurt Jacobsen

The United States in the Middle East, Immanuel Wallerstein

Chicken Feathers, Robert Kelly

Stealing Our Schools, Jackie Dee King

Neoliberalism, Teachers, and Teaching: Understanding the Assault, Mary Compton and Lois Weiner

We Can Do It!: The Case for Single Payer National Health Insurance, Joanne Landy and Oliver Fein

Struggle for the Land, Jeffrey Shantz

A Note on Anti-Americanism, John Summers


* Lessons of the 1979 Iranian Revolution and Its Aftermath, Frieda Afary

* Argentine Workers’ Takeover, Michael Busch

* Racial Knowledge, Sundiata Cha-Jua

* Terrorism and Modernity, Louis F. Cooper

* The Crisis in Organized Labor, Steve Early

* Looking Back at Baden, Patricia Grossman

* Worker Centers: Their Achievements and Their Limitations, Dan LaBotz

* Breaking Into the Boys’ Club, Amy Littlefield

* Mexico Trumped MLB Racism, Bill Littlefield

* Family Policies in Post-Communist Nations, Betty Reid Mandell

* A Strategy for Union Revival, Kim Moody

* Albert Shanker: Ruthless Neo-Con, Vera Pavone and Norman Scott

* Re-Inventing Goldwater Conservatism, Elizabeth Tandy Shermer

* Requiem for a Nation, Reginald Wilson

Words and Pictures: Interview with Kevin Pyle, Kent Worcester