New Politics, Vol. X, No. 2, Whole Number 38

California: The Late Great Golden State, David Jacobs

The 2004 Elections and the Collapse of the Left, Thomas Harrison

The U.S. Occupation of Iraq: Three Perspectives

We are pleased to present three distinct viewpoints on the ongoing U.S. occupation of Iraq. Each contribution addresses such critical issues as the forthcoming elections, the declared and undeclared aims of the Bush administration, and the nature of the resistance. As always, New Politics invites further discussion and comment from our readers.

  • Self-determination and Democracy in the Iraqi Conflict, Barry Finger
  • Unraveling Iraq: The Sociopolitical and Ethical Dimensions of Resistance, Wadood Hamad
  • A Horizon Lit With Blood: The U.S. Occupation and Resistance in Iraq, Glenn Perusek

Why Not Have Empire?, C. Douglas Lummis

Condom Confusion, Jason Clendenen

The Offshore War, Kim Moody

The Roots of Poverty, Milt Fisk

Symposium on No Child Left Behind and Public Education

  • Introduction
  • NCLB: A Parent Perspective, Michele Brooks
  • A Realistic Post-election Strategy to Modify NCLB, Michael Charney
  • Leaving Public Schools Behind, Stan Karp
  • NCLB: A Brainchild of Neoliberalism and American Politics, Carlos Alberto Torres
  • Neoliberalism, Teacher Unionism, and the Future of Public Education, Lois Weiner

In Memoriam: Herbert Hill, 1924-2004

  • Herbert Hill Remembered, Stephen Steinberg
  • Tribute to Herbert Hill, Michael Meyers
  • Herbert Hill and the ILGWU, Gilbert Jonas
  • Black Workers Respond to the United Auto Workers, Cornelius C. Thomas


  • Herman Benson and the New Unity Partnership, Paul Buhle
  • Does Buhle Ask Union Democracy to Save the World?, Herman Benson

In Memoriam: Stanford Lyman


  • Voting, Dave Janowick, Mark Zipkin, Dan Keshet, and Joe Ciarrocca
  • Combating Terrorism, Adam Sampsell
  • Disability Rights and the Welfare State, Ravi Malhotra and Betty Reid Mandell


  • What Happened to Brown? A Review Essay, Reginald Wilson
  • A Magnificent Mirage, Stephen Steinberg
  • The Human Rights Agenda, John Feffer
  • American Millennialism, Jack Stuart
  • Initial Steps, Heather Lauren Hughes
  • Wrangling Over Zionism, Jason Schulman
  • Islam and Modernity, Gregory Zucker
  • Alternative Unionism, Staughton Lynd
  • Inside the House of Labor, Gene Carroll
  • Hearts and Minds Redux, Kurt Jacobsen
  • Labor Party Questions, John Willoughby

Words and Pictures: Nicole Schulman, Paul Buhle