New Politics, Vol. X, No. 1, Whole Number 37

Iraq: The Case for Immediate U.S. Withdrawal, Joanne Landy

In Defense of Tactical Voting (Sometimes), Stephen R. Shalom

The Dead-End of Lesser-Evilism, Thomas Harrison

Left Politics and Posturing in the Presidential Race, Michael Hirsch

Special Section on Civil Liberties

  • The State of Our Civil Liberties: A Post-9/11 Health Check, Nancy Murray

  • NP Interview with Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU, Kent Worcester and Mark Dow

  • Roundups, Detentions, and Other Phantoms of Lost Liberty, Mark Dow

  • Reflections of an Immigration Attorney, Abira Ashfaq

  • Concerning a Small Matter of Definition, C. Douglas Lummis

  • U.S. Libraries and the “War on Terrorism”, Mark Hudson

  • Liberty vs. Security? Lessons from the First Red Scare, Bonnie Honig

  • Historians, Repression, and the Iraq War, Jesse Lemisch

The New Unity Partnership, Herman Benson

Reclaiming Democracy: A Lesson from Zanon, Ann Scholl and Facundo Arrizabalaga

Revisiting Foucault and the Iranian Revolution, Janet Afary and Kevin Anderson

What is Plutocracy?, Rossen Vassilev


  • The CP and CIO – 1, Peter Drucker

  • The CP and CIO – 2, Joe Gladstone

  • Reply to Drucker and Gladstone, Nelson Lichtenstein

  • The Bolsheviks, Bennett Muraskin

  • Reply to Bennett Muraskin, Ernest Erber

Book and Film Reviews

  • Policy Shifts, David Cunningham

  • A Dangerous Ingnorance, Marc Karson

  • Leadership Matters, Michael Wreszin

  • Multiculturalism and Science, Mel Bienenfeld

  • Diminishing Welfare: A Review Essay, Betty Reid Mandell

  • In the Shadow of Cairns, Lev Lafayette

  • Fight What Power?, Brian Keizer

  • A Two-Fisted Critique, Martin Comack

  • The Passion of Robert McNamara, or Sympathy for the Devil?, Kurt Jacobsen

Words and Pictures: Carlo, Jon Bloom