European Network of Solidarity with Ukraine and Against War 

The following statement was adopted by dozens of European organizations in March as the basis for taking collective actions in support of the Ukrainian people as they resist the Russian invasion and occupation of their country.

Basic consensus 

We, collectives of social movements, trade unions, organizations and parties, from Eastern and Western Europe, oppose war and all neocolonialism in the world, want to build a network from below, independent of any government FOR:

  1. The defense of an independent and democratic Ukraine!
  2. The immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from all Ukrainian territory. The end of the nuclear threat posed by the alerting of Russian nuclear weapons and the bombing of Ukrainian power plants!
  3. Support for the resistance (armed and unarmed) of the Ukrainian people in its diversity, in defense of its right to self-determination
  4. Cancellation of Ukraine’s foreign debt!
  5. The non-discriminatory reception of all refugees – from Ukraine and elsewhere!
  6. Support for the anti-war and democratic movement in Russia and the guarantee of political refugee status for opponents of Putin and for Russian soldiers who desert!
  7. Seizure of the assets of Russian government members, senior officials and oligarchs in Europe and around the world; and financial and economic sanctions – protecting the disadvantaged from their effects.

Beyond that, we are also fighting, together with like-minded currents in Ukraine and Russia: 

  1. For global nuclear disarmament. Against military escalation and the militarization of minds.
  2. For the dismantling of military blocs
  3. To ensure that any aid to Ukraine is not subject to IMF or EU austerity conditions.
  4. Against productivism, militarism and imperialist competition for power and profit that destroy our environment and our social and democratic rights.

At the end of the First World War, the ILO was founded on a universal statement: “A universal and lasting peace can only be based on social justice.” Today, we must add environmental justice and the rule of law: we fight for peace and equality, democratic freedoms, social and climate justice, through cooperation and solidarity between peoples.

Contact: info@ukraine-solidarity.eu and www.ukraine-solidarity.eu