The education wars, part 2: Giving support to Chicago and Colombia's teachers

I’ve been asked by readers how they can show their support to teacher unionists in Chicago and Colombia, whose struggles I describe in my recent NP post.  One way is to contribute to the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Solidarity Fund. The billionaires are pouring big bucks into defeating this movement and union dues alone won’t be able to cover the union’s costs in trying to win this battle to protect public education.  You can also send messages of support directly to the President of the Colombian teachers union, FECODE, at presidencia@fecode.edu.co or prensa@fecode.edu.co .Right after I contribute to the CTU Solidarity Fund, I’m sending this message to FECODE:”I send with this message my support and encouragement to teachers in Colombia and Chicago, who are fighting the same battle to save public education and our students’ futures. The project to privatize education, reduce teaching and learning to testing, and deprofessionalize teaching will destroy the dream of free, quality public education for the world’s people’s. I stand with you in your struggle.”