The Decommissioners – Update

The trial of the Decommissioners lasted three weeks, in which time the jury heard not only from the Decommissioners but also detailed evidence of war crimes committed in Palestine and testimony from EDO managing director Paul Hills, who faced questions about his company‚Äôs dealings with Israel. All the defendants were acquitted by unanimous jury decisions. One of the defendants, Chris Osmond, said: “It was the right verdict. Our action was because nobody else was willing to take action.
“During one operation 1,400 people had been killed, 350 children had died, and nobody was willing to take action. Our politicians and the United Nations were not taking action to support the people of Gaza and it was necessary for ordinary people to take action like we did.”

He added: “Ordinary people in Brighton won’t stop campaigning until EDO MBM closes down. We are going to be here until they are not.”