Author: Kevin Lin

KEVIN LIN is an activist and researcher in the Chinese labor movement, a member of the editorial board of New Politics, and a member of Democratic Socialists of America’s International Committee. He is a contributor to Jacobin, Labor NotesNew PoliticsDemocratic LeftNew Labor Forum, International Viewpoint, and Socialist Forum. He co-edits the open-access journal Made in China.

How China contained Covid-19 and the dangerous world to come

This interview with Kevin Lin explains how medical personnel in Wuhan, China sounded the alarm in late December as the coronavirus began to spread. After an initial period of denial and scapegoating, Chinese leaders took decisive actions to contain the . . .

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How Should the U.S. Left Think about China?

Editors’ note: This is the second of three articles providing analysis of what’s happening now in China – and why.
[Interview with the author on Democracy Now.]
On the U.S. left, China is treated for the most part as an afterthought, an . . .

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