On the 70th Anniversary of Victor Serge’s Memoirs of a Revolutionary

by Richard Greeman

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2. Serge’s daughter Jeanine Kibalchick (1935-2012).

3. Allusion to Serge’s 1931 novel, Birth of Our Power.

4. NYRB Classics, 2008, Preface by Susan Sontag.

5. Born on the winds of the New Left 60s, Oxford’s truncated Memoirs of a Revolutionary quickly became a minor classic, reprinted in the 80s by the radical Writers & Readers Publishing Cooperative and again in 2002 by Iowa University Press.

6. See www.Vlady.org.

7. Peter Sedgwick analyzed this incident in detail in “Victor Serge and Gaullism,” appended to the original 1963 Oxford Memoirs on which we have in part based our summary.

8. The topic of Serge’s novel occupies two thirds of the original typescript letter, a photocopy which was made available to me in 1990 by Florence Malraux, the writer’s daughter.

9. ‘Europe’s Anti-Red Trend Inspiring Strange Tie-Ups.’ Subtitle : “New Coalitions Courting Leftist Support to Bring Workers Into Pale” by C.L. Sulzberger, NYT February 14, 1948.

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